Instances of Assault and Battery in Bakersfield Are Common

Assault and battery crimes take place with a high degree of frequency in Bakersfield.  They can range from a simple bar fight to a violent altercation such as road rage.

Unfortunately, when police arrive on the scene of an assault, accusations can be chaotic –  the person who may not actually be guilty of an assault could wind up as the one being arrested. It’s also common for people to make false accusations of assault and battery as a way of “getting even” with another person.  Officers must make quick judgment calls in the heat of the moment, and this can lead to errors that must be sorted out later in a courtroom.

Regardless of the circumstances, assault and battery charges can lead to fines, jail, and prison time, producing a permanent record that could have negative consequences for many years to come. Mounting a strong defense to an assault and battery charge is critical to giving you the best chance to avoid a life-altering conviction.

There Are Many Kinds of Assault Charges

The type of defense you must mount will depend greatly on what kind of assault and battery charge you are facing.  Not all assault cases are the same and will vary depending on the circumstances of your case.

For example, you could be charged with first-degree assault if you cause serious bodily harm to another person through the use of a deadly weapon or if you engage in a way that shows extreme indifference to human life. On the other hand, third-degree assault is only a misdemeanor and is charged in minor physical altercations where there are no real injuries, but there is some indication of physical pain. Assaults can also be categorized by circumstances, such as vehicular assault or when an assault has a sexual component to it. Long prison sentences usually accompany a conviction for this type of felony assault.

Get Legal Help if You Have Been Charged with Assault and Battery

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