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Having handled many cases to help our clients get charges either reduced or dropped altogether, Koenig Law Office understands what it takes to build strong legal strategies. Read what our clients have to say. Dial (661) 793-7222 now to schedule your free consultation with our Bakersfield criminal defense lawyer today.

Amanda S.

This is the best DUI law firm. We met for over an hour to discuss my son’s underage DUI case. They walked me through every step and ensured my son's safety, and I remained calm and assured throughout the case. As expected, the case outcome was fantastic, and I am here to praise the firm and recommend it.


Eric M.

Koenig Law Office attorneys fought tirelessly and had my DUI charges dismissed for lack of enough evidence. Their communication with clients is what I hold most critical since it made me feel at ease during the entire criminal process. This is a strong DUI law firm, and I recommend it to anyone in trouble with the law.


Thomas G.

I am grateful to the attorneys at Koenig Law Office for saving me from losing my license and serving time in jail. I thought my life was over when I was arrested for DUI in Bakersfield. The DUI process was new to me. I was so confused and had a lot of questions and concerns. Koenig Law Office lawyers answered my questions with compassion and honesty and did a wonderful job defending me. Koenig Law Office is the best DUI law firm in Bakersfield. 




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