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Did you know that your DUI charge can increase from a simple misdemeanor to a felony DUI? If you were involved in an accident causing serious injuries or the death of someone else while you were intoxicated, you will most likely be charged with a felony DUI in California. This situation requires the legal experience of a felony DUI defense attorney from Koenig Law Office.

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When Does DUI Become a Felony in California?

Ultimately, the state reserves the right to charge DUIs as felonies. This type of charge carries a stricter sentence and brands you as a felon. This makes hiring experienced legal representation imperative.

Any DUI can be charged as a felony depending on the circumstances of the case. This is established in California Vehicle Code 23135.

In California, a DUI is charged as a felony when:

  • The DUI causes serious injury or death to another person
  • It is your fourth DUI conviction in California in a 10-year period
  • You have one or more prior DUI felony convictions

Ultimately, the prosecutor will have some discretion with how they charge you. A good felony DUI defense attorney from our Bakersfield law firm can formulate defense strategies that will benefit your case.

Consequences of a Felony DUI in California

The first step to take after being arrested is to obtain legal counsel from a felony DUI defense attorney from Koenig Law Office. Working with our experienced legal team ensures your rights are protected every step of the way. Even if you are “guilty” of a DUI, you still deserve to be treated fairly and we can ensure that this happens.

Some consequences of a felony DUI in California include:

  • Sixteen months to two years in state prison (or longer if someone was seriously hurt)
  • Losing your right to bear arms for life and the right to vote while imprisoned
  • Fines and fees
  • License suspension
  • Mandatory DUI traffic school
  • Probation for a considerable amount of time

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