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At Koenig Law Office, we understand the adverse effects that a criminal record can have on your life. From limited employment opportunities to the inability to obtain professional licenses, a criminal record can wreak havoc on your future.

In some cases, it is possible to have a conviction expunged from a criminal record. When you turn to our firm, our Bakersfield expungements lawyer can evaluate your case and see if you qualify to have your convictions and charges dismissed from your record.

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Qualifying for Expungement in Bakersfield

If you were arrested or convicted for a misdemeanor or felony offense in California, you might be eligible to have your record expunged.

The criteria that must be met to qualify for expungement include:

  • Your crime was charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony that was a wobbler
  • You have successfully completed your probation
  • You are not currently charged with a crime
  • You are not now on probation for a crime or serving a sentence for a crime
  • You were not sent to California state prison for the crime or a probation violation
  • You were not convicted of a serious sex offense against a child
  • Your offense did not involve a motor vehicle violation which caused two or more points to be added to your driving record
  • You must have paid all court-ordered fines and restitution for the offense

The only felonies that are eligible for expungement are those known as “wobblers.” These are crimes that could have been charged as misdemeanors. To have wobbler charges expunged from a criminal record, one must request that the court reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. Judges are often willing to do this when the offender demonstrates that he or she has taken responsibility for all criminal actions and has rehabilitated successfully.

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