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Building an effective legal defense is about more than just knowing the law — it’s about knowing how to use the law. At Koenig Law Office, we understand how important it is that we help you tell your side of the story in a compelling way. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, now is the time to call our Bakersfield criminal defense lawyer and get started planning your future.

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Cases We Handle

Your freedom is the top priority when you face criminal charges. No matter how severe your situation may appear to be, Koenig Law Office is here to help. With a 10 Superb Avvo Rating and ranking among The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 under 40, Attorney Bo Koenig is thoroughly familiar with the strategies that work when it comes to fighting for your rights.

How your charges are handled is important. Many people face excessive police force or have their civil rights compromised during an arrest. Our team can help to uncover the whole story and help you protect yourself.

Koenig Law Office handles cases involving criminal charges such as:

Preventing a Conviction

If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you could face serious consequences including jail time, fines, increased insurance rates, probation, loss of your Second Amendment rights, and more. Additionally, you will have a criminal record following you around that could make it more difficult to find employment, housing, or loan opportunities. A record could also worsen your sentencing for subsequent crimes.

Let us help you protect yourself from the consequences of a conviction. Call our firm today and get started with a free consultation to learn more.

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