Protecting Drivers from License Suspension

One of the most debilitating things that can happen to a person is to have their driving privileges revoked. Many people rely on driving to get to work and other activities throughout the week. These tasks can become extremely difficult, if not impossible, when a driver’s license gets suspended. At Koenig Law Office, we understand that you need the ability to drive to make life work for you. Our traffic ticket attorney in Bakersfield, CA has the experience and skills to help your charges disappear.

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Speeding Over 100 MPH in California

In California, speeding over 100 mph is charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Unlike a ticket for speeding under 100 mph, this offense requires a mandatory court appearance before a judge. Additionally, those convicted of driving over 100 mph will not be eligible for traffic school.

Penalties for driving over 100 mph include:

  • A minimum fine of $1,000
  • A 30-day license suspension
  • At least 1 point added to your driving record

Regardless of where and how you were caught for this speeding offense, it is crucial to consult with a Bakersfield traffic lawyer who regularly handles these types of cases. When you turn to Koenig Law Office, we can carefully investigate the facts of your case and explain your legal options.

Get Legal Help to Avoid License Suspension

Every year, the DMV suspends hundreds of thousands of driver’s licenses. There are many driving offenses that could lead to a suspended license.

Common reasons for license suspension in California include:

  • Speeding over 100 mph
  • DUI
  • Failing to pay court fines
  • Fleeing and evading police
  • Driving without auto insurance
  • Hit and run
  • Felony involving a motor vehicle
  • Repeat offenses

When you need to fight traffic charges of any kind to avoid license suspension and other penalties, do not risk doing it alone. Get a qualified Bakersfield traffic lawyer on your side today.

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