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At Koenig Law Office, we handle both DUI and Criminal cases, you will work closely with a trial-tested attorney who will not quit until your case receives the best possible outcome.
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At Koenig Law Office, we handle both DUI and Criminal cases, you will work closely with a trial-tested attorney who will not quit until your case receives the best possible outcome.
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When you are charged with a DUI in California, taking the necessary action to avoid a conviction is essential. Failure to which you risk facing license suspension or revocation, hefty fines, probation, DUI school programs, and incarceration. The necessary action starts with contacting a DUI defense lawyer with extensive knowledge of California DUI laws and the DUI legal process.

Finding the appropriate lawyer can be the difference between severe consequences and a DUI-free criminal record. Consequently, you need a lawyer with the experience, reputation, and skills to fight for your best interests.

At Koenig Law Office, we are a vibrant, result-oriented DUI law firm serving people charged in Bakersfield, CA. We have extensive experience and are devoted to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. We also understand California DUI laws and are familiar with how local judges and prosecutors operate, which helps us navigate the legal process smoothly. Irrespective of the DUI charges against you, we can help you overcome these challenging times.

When you hire us, you can be sure we will handle your matter personally and confidentially. Unlike other law firms, we do not outsource legal services to outside attorneys. We devote our time and resources to investigating and reviewing cases before we take action that will yield favorable results based on the case facts. We understand that no two DUI cases are the same, so we treat all cases with the uniqueness they deserve.

Our lawyers are accessible 24/7. We give clients our mobile phone numbers, enabling them to reach us outside business hours whenever they have urgent matters. Even better, anyone seeking legal DUI assistance can contact us even after hours, as we operate round the clock.

Call us at 661-793-7222 if you are arrested, under investigation, or charged with DUI in Bakersfield, and we will fight to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

We Strive for Excellence in Every Case

We have registered favorable results in various DUI cases involving alcohol and drugs. Regardless of how high the BAC is or how incriminating the evidence is, we carefully examine every case to determine any procedural and substantive weaknesses and then effectively submit these weaknesses to obtain a favorable resolution. We use our creativity, negotiation skills, and steadfastness to achieve desirable results for clients.

Prosecution for DUI usually involves an intimidating and tedious process for the defendant. Conversant with the DUI process, we provide hands-on legal representation at every step of the proceedings. We constantly inform our clients of the developments in their cases and rigorously prepare them for all the steps in the DUI process and court-ordered obligations.

Every drunk-driving case has its substantive and procedural challenges. We approach each challenge with thoroughness and creativity that strengthen our position as advocates and eventually produce optimum results. In all DUI cases, progress toward optimal results is only possible if the lawyer is a step ahead of the prosecutor. Consequently, we plan strategically and mount a defense right from the inception of the DUI case.

Although we apply the same thoroughness and steadfastness to all of our cases, we understand that, as DUI defense lawyers, we must tailor our approach to the specific case. Drunk-driving cases generally fall into four categories:

  • Those requiring a procedural defense.
  • Those requiring a factual defense.
  • Those requiring a mitigating factors defense.
  • Those requiring mitigating, factual, and procedural defenses.

The factor distinguishing these cases is simple: the prosecution's evidence is indisputable and overwhelming in certain cases.

Our job is to challenge the evidence on procedural grounds. That is, contesting the basis on which our client was stopped and the general legality of their arrest. We will also identify and present mitigating factors, like the defendant having no criminal record, their acceptance of criminal liability, and their participation in rehabilitative and remedial courses that would assist in reducing the charges or warranting lenient consequences.

In other situations, the prosecution's evidence is questionable and disputable. For example, if the defendant experienced rising blood alcohol levels when they took the breathalyzer test. In a few other cases, mitigating, factual, and procedural defenses exist. For example, where the DUI stop was illegal, the defendant has no criminal record, has an extensive history of contributing to the community, and has GERD, which caused their BAC to be falsely above the stipulated legal limit.

Regardless of the category under which your DUI case falls, we do not take lightly the case facts the prosecution presents. We conduct independent investigations of the evidence against you, thoroughly exploring any procedural, substantive, and mitigating defenses that apply to your case.

What Sets Us Apart

There is no doubt that there are so many DUI firms in Bakersfield. Yet, it is also true that not all DUI defense lawyers have the same level of experience and expertise. That said, the person you hire to defend you when charged with DUI matters. The outcome of your case depends significantly on the lawyer's knowledge, work, and effort they put into defending the case. Here are the qualities that set us apart from other law firms in Bakersfield:

  • Our Effective Strategies Win Cases — Our law firm is founded upon the dedication to fight for persons being prosecuted for DUI in Bakersfield. We pride ourselves on the skills and knowledge we have gained defending hundreds of clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will protect your rights, freedom, and reputation. Our winning strategy involves reviewing charges and looking for weaknesses that can translate into legal defenses. We focus on the outcome, so we take ample time analyzing a case and defending every client. We will explain all the legal matters surrounding your charges and ensure you understand your legal options, which will help you make informed decisions. We keep the outcome you want in mind from the beginning of your case to the finish.
  • We Encourage Our Clients to Ask The Tough Questions — Contrary to popular opinion, criminal defense lawyers are not the same. Most movies and shows make it appear that all lawyers are in a hurry to negotiate with the prosecution for a plea bargain for their client and obtain a paycheck. That is not true for the attorneys at Koenig Law Office. For us, we strive to accomplish the impossible. We achieve truly favorable results for our clients, contrary to obtaining a bad deal and lying to our clients about how good the deal is. We will fight to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome. If a dismissal is not possible, we will strive to minimize the punishment you may face.
  • We Treat Our Clients With Integrity and Respect — Once you are arrested, you may feel overwhelmed, and understandably so. The DUI process can be frightening and exhausting. Apart from the fright caused by facing charges for an offense, California DUI laws are among the harshest in the nation, making the situation even worse. To us, you are more than just a number. We will treat you with the integrity and respect you deserve while keeping your situation 100 percent confidential and helping you remain calm. We understand how a DUI conviction can affect your life and will give all we have to help you. We fight to minimize the effect the charges against you will have on your life.
  • We Are Not a 'Mill' — Most people charged with an offense simply search on Google for a defense law firm and choose the first one they see. The problem is that most of these firms are mills—law firms that promise a personalized outcome but hire out cases to other firms at a lower fee. In most cases, you may have merely approached that law firm independently and made a better deal. We do not do this at the Koenig Law Office. When you visit us for a consultation, we will assign you a lawyer to handle your case until the end. The lawyer will keep you up to date with the progress of your case and give you their phone number so you can reach them if you have an urgent matter, especially after hours. We understand that with a DUI conviction, your driving privileges and freedom are on the line, and we will not relax until we have helped you out of your situation.
  • Aggressive DUI Defense — It is not that simple to defend against DUI charges— developing the right defense strategy needs comprehensive fact-finding. Our lawyers at Koenig Law Office employ an aggressive defense approach toward all cases. We do not sit and wait for case information to come to us; we proactively pursue the information necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. We understand there are various reasons why you may not win your case, and we try to tackle these reasons one after the other with our aggressive approach. There are virtually fifty arguments to discredit breathalyzer test results alone, and our attorneys will actively look for the necessary information to support every argument we make.

The DUI Process

Unlike other crimes involving only one legal process, DUI prosecution involves two—the DMV administrative process per se and the criminal court process. Both of these processes begin with a DUI investigation. A DUI investigation starts after the police pull you over. The police may pull you over for several reasons, such as an accident, a traffic violation, or a routine inspection. If the officer suspects that you are intoxicated, they may ask that you submit to field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer test.

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Unlike most law firms, we specifically handle DUI cases. Consequently, we cover all DUI practice areas and bring equal expertise to every case we tackle. The following are some of our practice areas:

Bo Koenig

Although born in Israel, attorney Koenig has spent most of his entire life in Bakersfield, CA. He is a Bakersfield High School graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Bakersfield. After practicing professional accounting for several years, he enrolled in law school, as he wanted to fulfill his lifelong passion for helping other people.

In 2007, attorney Koenig started studying law at San Joaquin College of Law. He was a full-time employee while studying law and graduated in 2010. He quickly developed an interest in criminal defense, a field in which he worked closely for a significant period with the Fresno-based defense lawyer Glenn LoStracco, who is now late. Glenn and Koenig had planned to partner and open a law firm in Fresno. Unfortunately, the plans changed when attorney Glenn suddenly died.

Attorney Koenig was motivated to do something incredible for the memory of his friend. He returned to Bakersfield, his hometown, and in 2014, he opened his law firm, Koenig Law Office. Since then, Bo has successfully defended several misdemeanors, felonies, traffic infractions, DMV hearings, and DUI charges. Among his memorable achievements was obtaining a governor's pardon for his client. Bo is highly motivated and aggressive, characteristics that play a significant role in his and his clients’ success.

When out of the courtroom and office, attorney Koenig spends time traveling, socializing with friends and family, and playing golf. He also works at the Kern Autism Society as a board member. Apart from his legal expertise, attorney Koenig is involved in these organizations:

  • ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Designation
  • California Bar Association
  • Kern County Bar Association, Criminal Defense Section Board Member
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association
  • California DUI Lawyers Association
  • National Trial Lawyers: Top 100
  • National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40
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You may think you have no way out of your DUI charges because the evidence is highly incriminating. Consequently, you may think that pleading guilty is the right thing to do in this situation. However, just because there is airtight evidence does not mean there are no gray areas. For example, just because the BAC test results were positive does not mean you drove while drunk.

It could be that the chemical test was not properly conducted; for example, the test administrator did not follow the stipulated procedure, the testing equipment was not properly calibrated, or the blood sample was not properly stored. It could also be that the police made a mistake while arresting you; for example, they lacked probable cause to arrest you or failed to read you your Miranda rights.

The bottom line is that there are so many defenses to DUI that we can argue your case. We will take it upon ourselves to thoroughly scrutinize the case facts to find the best defense that applies. All you have to do is remain calm, even if the evidence seems incriminating, as we find a way to weaken the prosecution’s case and obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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Our lawyers have provided highly successful, expert DUI defense services for over three decades. We are highly respected throughout Bakersfield and the surrounding areas for practicing law with ethics. Our clients and the legal community around the area hold our firm in the highest regard due to our individualized attention when we take on a case and the respect we accord to the prosecutors and judges we meet in the courtroom. For a complimentary consultation on your DUI case, call us today at 661-793-7222.

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