Commercial Drivers Are Held to Higher Standards for DUI in Bakersfield

As an important transit point in California, Bakersfield sees a lot of commercial truck traffic with thousands of trucks passing through the area on a regular basis.  The vast majority of these drivers are extremely safe and arrive at their final destination without incident.

However, being on the road can be a lonely existence for some commercial drivers which may cause them to seek ways to relax or entertain themselves by enjoying a few drinks every now and again. But commercial drivers are also held to a higher standard than the general public, and even minor transgressions are treated with extra concern by law enforcement agencies.

That can put the livelihood of a commercial trucker at risk which is why it’s imperative to hire an experienced commercial DUI defense attorney if you are a truck driver who has been charged with a DUI offense.

California Laws Are Very Clear and Very Strict for Commercial Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established national guidelines that are followed by most states, including California. Current regulations set the blood-alcohol limit at .04% which is half the legal limit for drivers in passenger vehicles. In addition, laws state that commercial drivers cannot drive their rigs for at least four hours after consuming alcohol.

Regulations also allow for random drug testing at any time.  And following an accident, drivers may be screened for not only alcohol, but for opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, and other drugs in order to back to work

Do You Need Legal Help with Your Commercial DUI Case?

Bo Koenig is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has invested many years in the Kern County area since becoming a California State University student. A graduate of the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, Mr. Koenig is a solo practitioner who is a hands-on advocate of justice who aggressively fights for dismissals, reduced charges, and probation for his clients.

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