A DUI Charge in Bakersfield Is a Serious Matter

After a long day or a tough week at work, it’s easy to grab a few of your favorite beverages at your favorite Bakersfield bar or restaurant or enjoy a few drinks with friends and family member’s home.  Without giving it much thought and thinking that you’re less intoxicated than you really are, it’s easy to get behind the wheel and head off to your next stop, even if that destination is just a few short miles away.

Unfortunately, too many people misjudge the effects that alcohol has on them, and if they get pulled over, there could be serious implications. Law enforcement treats DUI as a serious crime which is why you will need to retain an experienced DUI attorney to defend you as soon as you have been arrested.

A DUI Conviction Can Impact Many Parts of Your Life

Being convicted of a DUI is a lot more than just paying fines, jail time, and possibly losing your license.  Keep in mind, if you do lose your license, it could severely impact your ability to get to and from a job.  If you drive a commercial vehicle and lose your license, then you will immediately become unemployed. Professional organizations often times access public records as well, and if you are a doctor, lawyer, or employed in other similar occupations; a background check could put your professional license in jeopardy as well.

One of the other things to think about is that a DUI conviction will also result in a big bump up in your car insurance rates. You could end up paying thousands of more dollars over several years for one mistake, even if you don’t get into an accident or nobody gets hurt while you’re driving drunk.

Get Experienced and Aggressive Help with Your DUI Case Defense

Bo Koenig is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has invested many years in the Kern County area since becoming a California State University student. A graduate of the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, Mr. Koenig is a solo practitioner who is a hands-on advocate of justice who aggressively fights for dismissals, reduced charges, and probation for his clients.

Located in Bakersfield, Koenig Law Office also serves clients in Delano, Lamont, Arvin, Mojave, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi, and communities throughout Kern County.