Fourth of July is not only a celebration of America’s independence, but it is also a time for family gatherings, parties with friends, barbeques, the beach, and other festivities that involve plenty of alcohol consumption. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the amount of opportunities where Americans can celebrate in 2020, having a three-day weekend will encourage people to still go out and do anything to break the monotony of staying at home.

However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association reported that more people are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents in July compared to any other month. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the Fourth of July is the most dangerous day to drive since alcohol consumption is mainly part of the festivities.

Due to the likely increase of drunk driving this weekend, the police will also increase the number of officers patrolling the streets and set up more sobriety checkpoints to arrest suspected intoxicated motorists for DUI and keep the roads safer for everyone else. This means having a few drinks and driving afterward can result in spending your Independence Day weekend behind bars.

Here are several tips to follow in order avoid a DUI arrest this Fourth of July weekend:

  • Plan your driving arrangements – If you have plans to go out somewhere, you should also plan how to get there and safely return home. If you have a friend who plans on staying sober, ask him/her to be your designated driver. If everyone in your group plans on drinking, perhaps request rides from Uber or Lyft, or take public transportation.
  • Spend the night somewhere near the celebration – If the celebrations are far away from your home, avoid having to travel all the way back and either stay at a friend’s place that is close by the festivities or book a room at a hotel or motel within walking distance.
  • Host your own party – Rather than going out, host the celebration in your home. Due to the extraordinary circumstances associated with the coronavirus, planning a party will take extra precautions to ensure only a few people attend and everyone is healthy and feels safe. Also, make sure there is extra space in your place where your guests can sleepover to make sure they have a safe way to get home.

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